• bab-el-bahr 

  • شاليه في الساحل الشمالي

  • bab-el-bahr

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Bab Al-Bahr team is keen to erect a lavish five star hotel , Enjoys a fabulous location set with a private stretch of sandy beach beautifully lush landscaped gardens and a large swimming pool To meet our clients' expectations as well .

Swimming Pool

Enjoy in Bab El Bahr swimming pool in every chalet stretching along a turquoise like open lakes and swimming pools In general you will find in our resort a very large swimming pool beside the green area and a private pool for women in Bab El Bahr resort

Shopping Mall

The perfect holiday can’t complete without doing some shopping  in bab el bahr mall you will find banks, fine restaurants, unique fashion stores, hypermarket covering 2,500  square meter, international brands for cars, and mobile shops will be richly available for Mall’s clients

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